Louise Thompson Sports Black Eye After Nightclub Brawl

It’s fair to say that after this weeks episode of Made in Chelsea hasn’t made Louise Thompson the most favourite among reality celebs. So is this the reason behind her infamous black eye?


It’s no secret that this week’s episode revealed (finally) that Louise had in fact cheated on former boyfriend Andy Jordan with One Directioner Niall Horan, or in Made in Chelsea’s case, “the person”. So is this the reason behind the nightclub brawl? It wouldn’t be the first time a reality celebrity has suffered a backlash from less than pleased people after a few drinks.

Louise made no secret of it as she instagramed a photo of her black eye, but failed to turn up to the Red Bull Revolution night event on Thursday night. Avoiding all comments on her new eye accessory to go along with her usual designer ensemble.

Louise couldn’t help cause a little drama – she is a reality TV star after all – and made sure to cause a scene and attract attention to the brawl by tweeting fellow co-star Binky Felstead explaining, “I have a black eye. Sh*t got out of hand last night”.


We wonder if Louise and her black eye will be making any appearances on out favourite Monday night show at anytime?

Words by Cerys Matthews


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