Did Spencer and Louise Do the Deed?

So all of you dedicated Made in Chelsea fans who have watched it from the beginning when Spencer was majorly chubby and love struck over the beautiful Caggie (I know – can’t imagine it, right?) Have had to endeavor the long and suffering agony of the Spencer and Louise love story. Sometimes it really is too much to handle. We’ve had the sex with benefits phase, the totally head over heels, the endless floods of tears, and of course we can’t forget the infamous  cheating which has now resulted in the “Spencer-gate” – like nobody knows about that?…


But we really can’t help but love Spencer, after all, let’s face it, what drama would there be in MIC otherwise? The serial cheat continuously adds sex, drugs and rock and roll to our Monday nights and make us all feel like we’re part of the drama. We definitely love to hate him.

So after tonight’s episode – where Louise stayed the night in Spencer’s bed and left her clothes there but of course she claims nothing happened (cough). Just like last time Spencer came out with this and Louise finally admitted it a whole month later. But we can’t feel bad about it, she added to the drama, thank you Louise!


Of course Spencer went straight to Louise’s ex beau Andy Jordan, who she is supposedly still in love with. Try telling Spencer’s bits that – and yes we’ve all seen the nude photo. And as per usual Louise denied and denied…


The episode ends with the usual end of episode club brawl, this time between Louise and Spencer, as she claimed he is spreading lies about her while he is convinced they had sex once on Jamie’s sofa, and then four times back at his house – that sure is some stamina!

So what do our readers think? Did Spencer and Louise do the deed? Is Louise lying again, and why would Spencer make this up?

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Words by Cerys Matthews

Twitter: @Cerys_1992

Blog: thoughtsneversleep@wordpress.com