Why We Love…Candy Kittens

We here at First Instinct are huge Made in Chelsea fans, but let’s not be mistaken – the fact that Jamie Laing founded Candy Kittens is not the only reason we love it (although it does play a big factor!). Since joining Jamie on his journey to open his fashion and candy store through the episodes of Made in Chelsea, watching him scout his perfect Candy Kittens, and preparing the store and website.


We were instantly hooked. But as the website and store was finally launched, we fell in love with this fresh new brand bringing us trendy wardrobe staples and our favourite candy that sure does keep us occupied while doing our shopping. We really can’t chose our favourite item of clothing on their website, but this sweatshirt below is definitely one of them, accompanying Jamie’s infamous Pardy saying.


And Candy Kittens just got better…with this Candy Kittens book to add to our Christmas wish list. And let’s face it, what’s a better Christmas filler than some branded Candy Kittens candy?


This guys and girls all over – go check out this must have brand for fresh and creative new style! www.candykittens.co.uk

Words by Cerys Matthews

Twitter: @Cerys_1992

Blog: thoughtsneversleep.wordpress.com