Reality Stars: Is This Our Generation of Celebrities?

Many of us look back on famous and beautiful era’s before our lifetime and they always think of one iconic celebrity. It’s difficult to come across someone who doesn’t know about Marilyn Monroe and the legacy she left behind, even though none of us were around in the era of her fame. So when we look back at the noughties, what icons do we have to remember?

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When picking up magazine covers, instead of seeing iconic, glamorous and sophisticated people, we tend to see reality TV stars that are known for over indulging in booze and getting their bits out on television. This urged me to think – in years to come, how will people think of our generation ? What traditions do we hold and what is our idea of stardom?

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Let’s face it, right now people will look back on our generation and the most iconic memory will be twerking, side boobs, and reality television. So what do we need these days to be considered a superstar?

  • A body part that people like to oodle over.
  • The capability to make your audience so shocked that they can’t believe what they’re seeing, and shamelessly watch on.
  • Be willing to do absolutely anything to raise your profile.
  • Perform sexual acts on television.
  • Create bizarre phrases that will follow your career for life. e.g Be reem.


So who is naive? The “celebrities” or the viewers?

We all throw negative comments around about these untalented young’uns on television craving fame – but then we secretly watch them in the comfort of our own home where we can’t be judged. Surely if our generation wanted iconic celebrities we would be looking for them instead of watching who Spencer cheated on so and so on with this time?

So can we call this generation of reality stars iconic? Maybe most of us would prefer to look back on our youth and know we will be remembering celebrities that changed the world and society as we know it. But who’s to say that reality stars haven’t? Reality stars have exceeded that barrier of what is acceptable on television, and have demolished all rules of boundaries. Although this is most definitely something we shouldn’t be proud of – is this what has become of our generation, that this is what our time will be remembered for? Maybe our generation isn’t as reem as we thought…

Words by Cerys Matthews.