Made In Chelsea Recap

This weeks MIC consisted of nothing more than a bit of good old fashion love (cringe).  

Jamie Laing’s obsession with Lucy has worsened and he’s starting to creep EVERYONE out. Honestly what is wrong with him?!

I don’t know whether the producers of the show are pushing him to be way over the top and verging on the line of stalking poor old Lucy Watson but walking around her flat in your underwear because your ‘washing machine had broken’ is a poor excuse by anyone’s marks.


Now I say poor old Lucy Watson but really, am I the only one thinking that she’s quite enjoying the attention from Jamie?

Sending someone who is madly in love with you ‘drunk’ text’s declaring your love for them is usually what is classed as leading them on right?

But it’s not just Jamie who’s confused in love in this week’s episode; Binky and Alex’s relationship is on the rocks because of none other than Phoebe Lettice (shock horror).

So Alex is struggling to fall in love again after his relationship with Phoebe (I struggle to think it was THAT amazing) and he goes and blurts it out to Binky. If my boyfriend told me that I would not be a happy bunny.


On the subject of Phoebe, I thought South Africa changed her and she miraculously had become a nicer person? (Obviously not)… Sorry Fran, she still hates you.

On the plus side of things, Spenny got shut down (HOORAH) by newcomer Vita after she decided that their friendship should be ‘without the benefits’ so she could start relationships with other people (aka Andy). Safe to say, I do not feel sorry for Spencer one bit, he got his comeuppance although, something tells me he was straight on that phone calling another hook up to take his place.

The big event in the Chelsea diary this week was a gig that all cast mates went to, to celebrate Jamie’s birthday. Once again, Spencer and Andy come face to face to discuss Vita (you’d think by now they would give up and head out of Chelsea to find someone new to stop these things happening…). Does anyone else think these conversations between Andy and Spenny are a little intense? They went out shooting once and suddenly it’s like they’re in a relationship and Spencer’s cheated… again.

All in all not an amazing episode this week, they pretty much just repeated everything we already knew (except no Louise… so there was no crying). Next week is the season finale so I we’ll wait and see what revelations are going to unfold!

Words by Vicky Muxlow

Twitter: @vickymuxloww