Made In Chelsea Recap: Season Finale!

So the final episode of Made in Chelsea, you’d expect drama none the less but this episode seemed to be lacking in the catfights and fireworks and we had a full overdose of long and boring conversations… 


The opening scenes involved a human hunt with horses and beagles, was there any relevance to this? I seemed to misunderstand the point of having all the cast involved in this. Except for the tongue in cheek jokes about Lucy chasing Jamie for the first time and Spencer not being able to ‘ride’. There was also lot of conversation about how Jamie hasn’t spoken to Lucy in a week (which, in Chelsea is a long time apparently) therefore; Lucy spoke about how much she missed his company. I’m not sure how long she can keep going with the whole ‘I just want him as a friend scenario.

Missing from the human chase event were Victoria, Mark Francis and Sophie. I for one have no idea where Victoria came from but can we send her back please!? There is not one redeeming quality about her and I find it hard to watch her scenes when she’s stood there saying such nasty things about someone she doesn’t know. It’s bullying.

To bring a bit of light to the scene, Sophie decided to introduce Mr Chow – I don’t think I really need to say much more about it other than ‘WTF’?

Back at the human chase Binky’s mum has invited Alex to spend Christmas with their family, probably one of the most awkward things to watch as it was so obvious that Alex didn’t want to go and was just being polite. Even more awkward was watching Lucy and Louise’s conversation before Spencer came along… The two are obviously trying way to hard to be friends and their conversations seem so forced! Spencer’s arrival lightens the mood somewhat as Louise leaves handing Lucy the whip for protection… I think all girls should have one of those when faced in a one on one conversation with Spenny. Is anyone else thinking that he’s being way to nice by offering to help buy Jamie’s Christmas present? I thought he hated the idea of the to of them together?

As much as he tells his therapist he has matured it’s very difficult to believe that his next relationship will won’t end the same way all the others have. I think he should just be forever single… it’s better for everyone that way.

I really don’t understand these psychotherapy sessions though? I’m not sure hearing all about Spencer’s thoughts and feelings are going to make him any more liked by people and the poor therapist looks like she’s about to die of boredom whenever he opens his mouth.

Soooo, why did Andy buy Louise a present exactly!? The whole thing was really weird especially as the present was leggings? It was all just a but weird for me and I really didn’t understand what Andy’s reasoning’s behind it was other than that he felt the need to buy a present for a girl this year. Literally the funniest moment of the serious though when Louise thought that he’d got her a scarf my family and I were in stitches because it’s so awkward yet we’ve all done it at some point haven’t we!

Again Victoria showed herself to be a massive bitch when they all went ice skating and bumped into the rest of the girls. I really don’t have anything else to say about her other than she’s not doing herself a lot of favours by saying all these nasty things.

‘He likes warthogs so you could get him a bracelet with little warthogs on it” Spencer Matthews amazing present buying advice everyone. So they decide to get shoes for him instead, but don’t forget they have to match his complexion!! Jamie walking past Spencer and Lucy shopping was such a set up it was so obvious it was going to happen so really no surprise there.

The Banquet: the big event where if anything was going to happen, it would happen there. Lots of awkward eye contact going around that table wasn’t there! And a very strange seating arrangement.

But Fran and Phoebe are friends again (hooray!) no more bitchiness to laugh about now Phoebe has miraculously become friends with the lot again.

Just as you think everyone is starting to get along, Victoria kicks up a fuss and opens her mouth again. I do not know how anyone at the table kept themselves from throwing the contents of their glasses over her… They’re much more restrained than I am!

After a few F-bombs flew around (mostly from Victoria) and the worst insult I’ve ever heard come out of a grown woman’s mouth Proudlock managed to settle them down again (we love you Proudlock).


Queue the grand gesture from Jamie – anyone else find this really difficult to watch? – I was cringing so hard I was sinking into my seat. In strode the big black horses pulling a carriage with Jamie sitting inside, aww!

From then on my notes are as follows ‘OBVIOUSLY will get together, KISS HIM, OMG, AHH, YAYYYYYYYYY’. So Jamie finally got Lucy – at last! A part of me wonders how long it will actually last now the cameras are turned off though.

So that’s it! The final episode of this series of Made In Chelsea. It’s come and gone so quickly!

I will be keeping up to date with the MIC cast so you will never miss a beat!

Words by Vicky Muxlow

Twitter: @vickymuxloww