Trudi Canavan’s: Age of the Five Trilogy

1. age of the five

First there was the Age of Many, where the world was filled with gods. But the gods were often cruel and violent towards their followers. So five gods: Chaia, Huan, Lore, Yranna and Saru created a new future. They waged war against the other gods, and during the War of the Gods killed them all. The five became known as the Circle, and a century later made a land of peace under their new religion.

“The Age of the Five” has to be one of the best trilogies I have read in a long time. The book is set in a fantasy continent known as North Ithania, and after reading a few chapters I was instantly transfixed on this story. The protagonist is a young woman called Auraya, who is chosen to become a priestess for the Circle, and to the surprise of many later chosen to be one of the White, the council who directly commune with the gods and the head of the Circlian religion. The gift of immortality is given to all members of the White.

2. the circle

 Hand gesture of respect towards the Circle

The book follows Auraya’s journey into the Si mountains, where she hopes to convince the winged men and women known as Siyee to join the Circlians. But the appearance of black robed sorcerers from the south, who are controlling and setting wild animals on innocents, leads the White to investigate the religious cult to the south: the Pentadrians.

3. the pentadrians

 Emblem of the Pentadrians

The main antagonists in this series are the Pentadrians, and their leaders: the Voices of the Gods. Yet, the story also follows other characters such as Emerahl, one of the few sorceresses who is strong enough to make herself immortal. To the Circlians the immortals are known as the Wilds, and the gods demand that they are hunted down and killed. It is through this character that we see the flaw in the “peaceful” Circlians world, since we grow to like Emerahl, even though she’s hunted down by the priesthood that Auraya is a part of.

During this trilogy we follow a wide range of characters, some Circlian, some Wilds, and even Pentadrians. All of which are presented to us as good and just, especially when the Voice Imenja is introduced, since she is not what we expect of the “evil” Pentadrians. Constantly we discover more about this world, and through memories of the Wilds we see more to their reasoning for hating the gods.

The final book, “Voice of the Gods” will have you racing through the pages, and it won’t fail to disappoint. If you are a lover of the fantasy genre, then you should definitely give this trilogy a read. The main theme in this trilogy has to be about religious faith, and how easily it is tested, and even destroyed.

The Age of the Five: “Priestess of the White”, “Last of the Wilds” and “Voice of the Gods”.

Words by Luke Dighton