Top 10 Favourite RnB Love Songs

Rnb love songs is very popular in American, but in the UK people don’t really appreciate good music like rnb love music. I’m sure everyone has a favourite rnb love song that they are totally obsessed with, and can’t stop singing along to all the words.

What Are The Best Rnb Love Songs of All Time?

Luther Vandross – So Amazing

Anita Baker  – No More Tears

Whitney Houston – I’m Saving All My Love For You

Michael Jackson – Your Not Alone

Atlantic Starr – Secret Lover

Jermaine Jackson – I Know You Like Me Don’t You

Mariah Carey – Someday

Faith Evans – Soon As I get Home

Who Are My Favourite Rnb Singers?

The reason why I have chosen these guys is because all of them are extremely talented as rnb singers, and they all sing rnb music so good, so they deserve to be praised for their hard work in the industry.

  • Joe
  • Donell Jones
  • Bobby Valentino
  • Marques Houston

Top Ten Favourite Rnb Love Songs

3T – Anything

3T - Anything

Kut Klose – I Like

kut klose - I like

Keith Sweat – Nobody

Keith Sweat - Nobody

Tony Thompson – Handle Our Business

Faith Evans – No Other Love

faith evans - Ain't Nobody

Intro – Come Inside

Intro - Come Inside

Johnny Gill – There You Go

C+C Factory – Share That Beat Of Love


Donell Jones – No Interruptions

Donell Jones - My heart Ablum

H – Town – Emotions

H - Town - Emotions

Words By Shereece Thompson