Who hasn’t thought of living on an island? With other island’s merely a day trip away, or the exotic Thailand merely an hour plane ride or even a few hours drive to reach the bustling city of Kuala Lumpar.

I was so excited to spend 5 days on the island of Penang. It is close enough a city like KL with it’s super size shopping malls, cinemas and every day conveniences and yet it has the quiet Bali life with beaches, minimal road rules, stray animals.

Penang is highly urbanised and industrialised as one of the most developed and economically important states in the country, as well as a thriving tourist destination. Its heterogeneous population is highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, language, and confessions.

During our stay in Penang, we have visited a number of places to eat. I find it so hard to choose the restaurants to eat at despite the number of alternative blogs, Tripadvisor and Penang websites that I thought maybe you guys do to and the last thing you want to do on your holiday of 5 days is to sit around researching where to eat. So here is a list of the places we ate and you can decide for yourself, which places you think you will enjoy the most.

Tree Monkey

Nestled in the quiet of the Tropical Spice Garden sits this treasured gem. A Thai restaurant with a huge wooden verandah with tables overlooking the jungle and trees parted just so for glimpses of the ocean. The ambience and beauty of this place is worth the price alone, but then they bring out unbelievable Thai food as well.


Ferringhi Garden Restaurant

Next door to this adorable restaurant is a quaint little coffee shop of the same name. It is nestled into absolute greenery and sophistication. The toilets are spotless, the coffee is grand and the hot chocolate the best I have ever had. They do an amazing pastry platter, tasty wraps for lunch and we have also been for breakfast where they do delicious eggs benedict. There’s no bacon, but you will get by.

Not cheap Penang prices as expected from the spotless and delightful surroundings, but still reasonable. You will feel whisked away with the beautiful surroundings and delightful staff.


Long Beach

Hawker’s Food Court. This place is fantastic. You choose a table and a guy will come over and take your drink order. Take note of your table number and then visit any of the 15+ stalls to order food. Give them the table number and go sit down. The drinks and food will be brought to the table where you pay each individual vendor. Get food from one, from 5, or from all of them.


The prices are so affordable with most meals under $3/4. Our favourites would be the spring rolls on the right hand side: crispy and delicious, giant! The Indian on the right hand side is also delicious; I love the naan bread with 30-cent dhal. At the back is a great sausage and mash place for the kids and near to that is a yummy hot plate chicken, crispy noodles and vegetables. On the left hand side is a delicious satay store, fabulous roti desserts, tantalising Chinese. And at the front my husband frequents the pancake stand and I hear the kebabs are also delicious.

Words by: Kelsey Purnell