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Cerys Matthews



Twitter: @Cerys_1992

I am a Magazine Journalism Graduate, originally from sunny Swansea, Wales and have a spirited passion for everything media related. I have assisted the teams of In Style, Heat, Star and Red magazines. I love the London lifestyle, good food, a nice full wardrobe, meeting new people, a good night out with a Cosmopolitan and good music ,and dream of a comfortable life with endless holidays to the Caribbean, surely that’s not too much to ask?

Sub Editor

Sahil Prabhakar


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Twitter : @BrownBearSahil

21 year old Broadcast Journalist Graduate and Sports fanatic. My passions in life are Manchester United FC. West Indies cricket. David Beckham. Cristiano Ronaldo. Michael Jordan. Eminem and Space Jam. Experience at Kiss100, Choice FM, TalkSport Radio. I have been told I have the perfect face for radio along with many other things that cant be repeated.

Aimee Jade Clay

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I am obsessed with all things beauty and family and friends joke I should have shares in Boots because that’s seriously how many beauty products I own. I love interacting with people through social media which has helped me to develop my passion for Blogging. My greatest achievement was becoming a runner and running my first 5K race back in June.
Online Reviews Editor
Jenny Martson
Hi, I’m Jenny, I’m 21, born and raised in the land of fake tan and hair extensions – The only way is Essex. Huge Breaking Bad fan, lover of all things Disney and eat far too much Chinese food. I’m an avid reader and I own a blog: where I write book reviews, interview authors and feature guest posts. It’s been an exciting journey and I’d love to write articles full-time for a magazine one day. Enjoy my posts and come and say hi! Twitter: jennymarston_xo
Online Travel Editor
Emilie Reeks
My name is Emilie and I am a media student through and through. Media, as for many other people, is a huge part of my life. I am always keen to try out different things whether it be the latest game or oldest film. If I’m not doing that you will usually find me with my head in a book! I’m also a fan of learning about different cultures and one day I hope to travel the world.