The Contributors

Georgia Farquharson


From Buckinghamshire but based currently based in Nottingham. My loves include fashion, dancing and anything Cath Kidston or Royal-family related! I am a keen lifestyle blogger ( with big dreams and aspirations to be successful and live in the heart of the city of London. My biggest achievement so far is writing the opinion piece for Grazia Middle East magazine in Dubai, as well as leaving home and venturing in to the big wide world by going to university! I live my life to the full, with this motto always in mind… “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough….” Find me on twitter @georgiafarq for an insight into my world!

Name : Jessica Amelia Tilley
Hometown: London
  I am a ukulele-playing trampolinist (although unfortunately haven’t mastered doing the two simultaneously). I currently have an unhealthy obsession with cheese and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – who could say no to Ian Somerhalder?!
Name: Naomi Steele


Hometown: Swansea, Wales
Live In: Mostly Swansea but sometimes Aberystwyth. I’m 21, soon to be 22. I’m a proud owner of a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Hanes a’r Cyfryngau/History and the Media from Aberystwyth University and I’m currently an MA student at Aberystwyth University studying Cyfryngau Creadigol Ymarferol, or for you English speakers, Creative Media Practices. I’m a fluent Welsh speaker, and at times, a bit of a nationalist. I’m a Swansea City season ticket holder. I drink lots and lots of tea. And I am also a lover of Indie music, although I’m partial to a bit of everything.
Name- Natalie Cairns
Birthday- 24/03/1990
Location- Berkshire
I am an identical triplet with two other girls. (It’s mad in my house)
Twitter- @nataliecairnsI also write and review clothes and products for an online website that have over 33,000 followers and readers.I have qualifications in travel and tourism, beauty and hair dressing. Favourite shops are ASOS, Topshop, Miss Guided and American apparel. Life goal is to travel the world. Hope everyone enjoys reading my fashions articles. Send me a message as I am always up for hearing what you think about my work!
Olivia Miller
Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 22.11.53
From Kent,
Currently studying Journalism + PR at University of Bedfordshire.
Love going to the gym, socializing, writing and designing.
A little bit too obsessed with Hip Hop, American TV and Celebrities and that’s what I’m here for! 🙂
Hannah David

Hi! My name’s Hannah, 22 years young! I’m from London, I’m a journalism graduate, one of my biggest achievements. I love listening to music, reading, fashion (Dressing up for work each day is not a chore for me at all) I’m a massive family person, I also love being around my friends, socialising, going out shopping, even when I don’t have money I still find myself window shopping, preparing for the big payday buys! I’ve worked on two different radio stations in Luton where I got to produce and present and I’ve also done work experience on HELLO! Magazine. My favourite Celebrity is Rihanna, I love that woman, ask anyone x

Sophie Bolton


I’m Sophie, a Bristol based student studying make-up artistry. In my spare time I write a beauty and fashion blog, I’m very proud of it, and you can see a lot of my work on there.

Charlie Hammond

image21 year old inspired writer who’s passions include Music, Sports, Technology and Mixed Martial Arts. Life quote: ‘Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come..’

Alexandra Lazar


I am Alexandra, but for better English understanding, I can be called Alex,or Lexi. I’m a 19-year-old Aquarius currently studying at the University of Lincoln, Journalism and Public Relations. I aspire to either be the editor of Vogue or having my own world-renown magazine, whilst also getting the time to shop all day long and travel far and wide. I am a total cat person, but I have a dog. In my spare time, I enjoy a good book alongside a glass or Bordeaux or going to my dance lessons.
Aimee Jade- Clay
I am obsessed with all things beauty and family and friends joke I should have shares in Boots because thats seriously how many beauty products I own. I love interacting with people through social media which has helped me to develop my passion for Blogging. My greatest achievement was becoming a runner and running my first 5K race back in June.
Liv Morris
photo (1)
Hometown: Sudbury, Suffolk
About Me: I still don’t feel old enough to be a graduate but now that I am, I love combining my huge passion for beauty and writing to fuel my articles, which will one day hopefully lead me to a job at a top glossy magazine! An obsession with spending money on clothes and makeup is my biggest downfall and when I’m not doing that I love socializing with my friends, watching movies, spending time with my boyfriend when I can and writing more about beauty on my blog. On top of that I have an over obsessive love of chocolate, so really need to find the motivation to start hitting the gym!
Gemma McCartney
Andrea Santoyo
IMG_37322 (1)
My name is Andrea Santoyo and I am a Lifestyle writer for First Instinct. I am currently seventeen-years-old; I am in the twelfth grade. I was born in Miami, Florida, then moved to Greensboro, North Carolina when I was twelve-years-old. I found a passion for writing around the age of fourteen and soon decided that writing is, no doubt, what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My biggest inspirations are Taylor Swift and Megan & Liz; they keep me going every single day and have made me the person I am today. I am extremely prepared to graduate high school as I plan on majoring in creative writing when I attend university. I cannot wait to graduate university, see as much of the world as I possibly can, and begin my life in my favorite place in the entire world, New York City. When I am not writing or burying my head in my school books, you can also find me watching movies, singing, and attending as many concerts as I can.
Amy Iliffe
23 year old culture-nerd/ Geography graduate/ Foody with a love for anything a bit off-piste. I have been a production runner for the last year in Cardiff & London and set up my own blog to practice my writing/babbling and to document the more interesting bits of my 20-something life
Kayleigh Barrett
Photo shot K.E.B

Hometown: Grantham, Lincolnshire

 I have recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire where I studied Journalism. English was always my favourite subject at school. I furthered my interest in writing by studying Media Studies at college. I think I was the only one in class that actually got excited about writing an essay over filming outside. I love to write with my opinion and give advice. ( Like an agony aunt, let’s say) I would love to have my own column in a magazine or newspaper one day. That’s the dream!
Luke Dighton
Born in Greenwich, and living in Bexley, I am an aspiring fantasy novelist. I have studied at the University of Greenwich and with the writers’ Bureau. My writing idols have to be Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb and Terry Goodkind. One thing I love is snow, one thing I hate is mash patato.
Emma Louise
photo 1
I’m a 20 year old Journalism student at the University of Bedfordshire. My greatest journalistic achievement to date is having three of my articles published in the Eastbourne Gazette. I have slight obsessions with make-up and tea (understatement) and my dream is to work for a cosmetics or beauty magazine.
Moizzul Kamali
Age 19
I was born in Luton and I’m currently studying Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire.
I’ve always enjoyed having in depth discussions about things that intrigued me as well sharing and receiving  knowledge from others, this is what probably lured me to Journalism.
I am very passionate about movies and video games, I enjoy both very deeply and I love discussing what I know about them.
As for what I want to do in the future, All I know is that it will revolve around journalism as I just absolutely love writing.
Huw Prosser
I am an A level student from South Wales studying English, French and Religious studies. I am a keen and avid reader, particularly the works of Andy McDermott. Also, I am a more than enthusiastic gamer from shooters to RPG’s. You name it, I’ll play it.
Kim Hughes

Swansea. I am a third year student at Swansea University studying BA Language and Communication. I love writing in my spare time, along with eating lots of various cuisines, reading, drinking cocktails, watching Eastenders, fashion, and general girly stuff! I hope you enjoy reading my articles, find me on Twitter and Instagram – @Kimhughes55.

Jasmine S


I‘m a Norwegian–Filipino girl with the name Jasmine S. and I‘m  living in one of the big cities of Norway, Trondheim. I‘m 15 years old and love my hobbies. My friends and my hobbies mean everything for me. My hobbies are horses, drawing and fashion.

Emilie Reeks


My name is Emilie and I am a media student through and through. Media, as for many other people, is a huge part of my life. I am always keen to try out different things whether it be the latest game or oldest film. If I’m not doing that you will usually find me with my head in a book! I’m also a fan of learning about different cultures and one day I hope to travel the world.
Megan Sharp
photo (2)
I’m an 18 year old music journalist from Leicester, currently living in Surrey. I love anything music related.
Miriam Pinto
I am second year a Multimedia Journalism at Canterbury Christ church University ( I know, a bit of a mouthful) and my passion from the get go has been about anything relating to beauty. This is my blog dedicating to beauty and quirky stuff: ( )
This can be from beauty of art, beauty of music, beauty of fashion but the main passion is of makeup. I love to be creative with my writing. Outside of the wonderland of makeup, I do have my geek side which is all about games, memes, funny pictures, vines, films I go all out.
At the end of my first year,I decided that I wanted to have creativity with my writing so I knew writing blogs and features would be the thing to me.
I’m hoping to have my own column/features on a fashion/beauty magazine and later on live to pick up from where I left with my travelling and continue travelling around the world.
Sophie Rashad
image (1)
I’m Sophie Rashad, currently living in London. Am psychotically obsessed with fashion. You won’t see me without a Starbucks in my hand or wearing sunglasses, and my motto is class over everything. I have big dreams of becoming a famous fashion writer and love anything that involves Lana Del Rey or Paris.
Joseph Lumber
Joseph Lumber Photo
My name is Joseph Lumber. I am passionate about the study of English; I spend a lot of my spare time reading and writing creatively. It is my ultimate goal to make a career out of writing. My favourite genres of literature include fantasy, Gothic, Romantic-period and religious. In terms of my musical tastes, I enjoy a variety of genres, but I particularly like electronic music. My Twitter is @Joseph_Lumber and my blog is
Brett Paxton
I am a Film graduate who has spent past couple of years travelling. Interested in great Films, Television and Music.
Katherine Paskin
Katherine Paskin Headshot
 My name is Katherine but everybody calls me Katie, im 21 years old and studying Ba (Hons) Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Wolverhampton University. Im a huge film fan and adore everything Harry Potter! I actively try to update my blog on media and lifestyle issues. Im also addicted to Twitter: @KatiePaskin
Linda Hobbis
I’m Linda. I live just outside Cardiff.  I have over 20 years’ experience in marketing and PR with a particular emphasis on Professional Services Marketing.  I left my job as Practice & Marketing Director for a Welsh firm of solicitors in 2007 to have my daughter, Caitlin and my son Ieuan in 2009 and now work as a freelance writer and blogger (
Victoria Antoine
Me at professional photo shoot (1)
I am a Junior at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth USA. I am an English major with Writing and Communication and also minor in Film and Media Studies. I have my own Entertainment & Fashion Blog called Mademoiselle I have been writing blogs for 10 years.  I love to read, Listening to music, art, and writing blog post.
I have recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Creative Writing & Drama. I have written for Yahoo and enjoy writing short stories also. I am keen to pursue my acting career and hope to write a play for the stage in the future.
Gordon Langley
I am 29 years old and I am a massive Doctor Who Fan, when I am not watching it I am talking about it sometimes when I am watching something else.  I am also a big movie enthusiast and have a varied knowledge and a massive blu ray and dvd collection. my favourite film is frequency starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. I am also a dedicated gamer, I have 30+ games for my xbox 360 and the collection is always growing. I love all music mainly rock and metal and I write lyrics too, my favourite band is alter bridge and my favourite guitarist is the rock legend Slash!!! I also like to read, I currently am re-reading the Stephen King classic, The Shining and look forward to reading the recent sequel, Doctor Sleep.
Amy Marie Louise
Headshot - Amy
I am a 24 year old freelance travel and copy writer with over 2 years experience writing for; I have also contributed to a number of other websites and blogs, writing on subjects ranging from relationships to the paranormal. I have spent my life in exotic countries such as Thailand, Lesotho and Dubai and love nothing more than delving into other cultures and learning about far-flung destinations. I hope to write a best-selling novel one day but my proudest achievement is without doubt my two year old daughter.
Jenny Martson
549047_10201762971506324_879294384_n (1)
Hi, I’m Jenny, I’m 21, born and raised in the land of fake tan and hair extensions – The only way is Essex. Huge Breaking Bad fan, lover of all things Disney and eat far too much Chinese food. I’m an avid reader and I own a blog: http://www.jennyinneverland.wordpress.comwhere I write book reviews, interview authors and feature guest posts. It’s been an exciting journey and I’d love to write articles full-time for a magazine one day. Enjoy my posts and come and say hi! Twitter: jennymarston_xo
Eileen Proksch
Hi, I’m Eileen, 23 years old. I’m from Germany (but definitely born in the wrong country, don’t know what went wrong there). I’m a student, editor and writer. I’m obsessed with writing, reading, listening to music and bands, watching too many American TV shows, traveling, concerts, quotes and my dog. “If you never try you’ll never know” pretty much became my motto and it helps me fight for what I want to achieve in life. Follow me on twitter where I post random things, quotes and everything that’s important or not so important! @EileenBookEdits
Vanessa Charles
My Name Is Vanessa, Most of my friends call me Ness quite frankly i prefer that name 🙂
I love all things music related and food (seriously food is like the greatest thing in the world) i have been writing for as long as i can remember, i spend my time randomly dancing and writing mini articles on blackberry most would describe as an open book, what you see is what you get, i think being able to be you is the greatest thing, after all i dont think i would be any good at being anyone else (maybe The Queen, as i like wearing gloves and hats just as much as she does and i think i could run the country well)
I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my mad mad world, feel free to contact me via my email
Ella Wiles
I’m Ella, researcher and community garden facilitator in central London. I’m interested in experimenting with food and creative writing, I especially like combining the two on the road.
Leanne Kirtley

I wandered away from my North East homeland and somehow ended up in Cambridgeshire, via Staffordshire University where I received my Masters degree in Journalism. Earlier this year I returned from 15 months living, working and getting into embarrassing situations in China and I’m pretty excited about what the next few years are going to hold!Big lover of musical theatre, modern American literature, and TV medical dramas.

Shereece Thompson

IMG-20131117-00035 (1)

I’m Shereece, a 22 year old, Aspiring Music Journalist, from South London. My Interests are, Music, Fashion, Piercings, Creative Writing, & Celebrity Gossip. My music tastes are, Rnb, Hip Hop, Old skool garage, Reggae, Bashment, Dancehall, & Funky House. Have contributed to the likes of Lewisham College, Nxg, I4 Enterntainment, Retox Magazine, Kemptation Company, Birthday Magazine, A1 Mag, Raw Roots, Now writes for, First Instinct Magazine. One day I hope to pursue a career, as an music journalist, as it’s something i’m really passionate about. Also to continue to write for various of online magazines companies.

Sabina Campbell


‘I am 25 and love to travel! Whether it’s partying along the Australian East Coast, chillaxing in Fiji, or stepping out of your comfort zone in Vietnam; in every country there is an experience waiting to be enjoyed. In my free time you can also find me blogging about music and expanding my film library.

Natasha Ayres


 I am a final-year, part-time student at Aston University studying for a BSc Sociology and English Language qualification. Aside from travelling, volunteering for different organisations and for a range of different people is when I find myself to be at my most happiest. I have been volunteering with the very respectable charitable organisation, Victim Support for two years now for example. From a young age I have been fortunate enough to travel to various countries around the world resulting in the development of an  immense passion for the pursuit of travelling and its possibilities. Furthermore, my degree in English Language has enabled me to realise the power of words and the affect they are able to project out to other people; this is why Instinct Magazine is beneficial to young persons as it creates a sense of solidarity amongst young people with just the simple use of the written word.

Suzanne Camfield

Suzanne Camfield

Suzanne Camfield.
Born and raised in London.
History graduate.
Freelance writer and reviewer.
Passionate about film.
Philip Wint
I’m Philip Wint, second year student at the London school of business and management. Born and raised in north london, currently living in muswell hill. I have a passion for astrotheology, religion, sports, nutrition, politics and any other topics or global events that I may find interesting.   I like to socialise and discuss different topics with different walks of life as everybody’s opinion matters, friendly debates helps me to think outside the box but more importantly its fun and a good way to make friends. My Facebook is – swifty makaveli
Hayley Thrills
My name is Hayley Rose and I am am a freelance fashion writer with my own blog and YouTube channel I love fashion, writing,  photography and thrift shopping. 
Emily Olsen
emily profile
 I’m a 24 year old literature graduate that spends her time shuttling between Cambridge and London.Half Canadian, half Norwegian, I was born in Indonesia and have lived in the Philippines, West Africa, San Francisco and Australia and I have travelled extensively around South-East Asia and Europe. Next on the list is South America! Travel is a huge passion of mine and, one day, I hope to have a regular travel column for a well known magazine or paper. I love Japanese food, huge dogs and scouring markets for unusual pieces of jewellery. Check out my fashion and travel blog at Bolx
I’m from Asia and traveled around before settling in England. I do like sports especially football (supporting Man United and Bayern Munich)Kiran Afsar

993464_10201133644524257_1685491302_n (1)

Hometown – Luton
A 20 yr old currently studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire. I love everything to do with fashion, music and books. I like to think of myself as a singer/songwriter and a fashion blogger. I work as a personal stylist for and I am currently working on designing my own clothing label (fingers crossed). My dream job would be hosting my very own talk show oh and i really want to move to New York one day!
Aaron Farrell
I’m a happy, optimistic and motivated young man. I’ve been in love with a few things in my life, movies first and foremost as they have always been there for me, then superheroes as I’ve always strived for more(also still waiting for some radiation to leak near me so I can finally get superpowers) and Megan Fox because who can blame me. My other interests include keeping fit and healthy via running, gym, and Kung-Fu which I teach, guess who’s movies got me into that (we are looking at you Bruce) music because you should always have a soundtrack to your life be it overtly happy or downtrodden but meaningful. I’m also a big family man and generally love a challenge and meeting new people from anywhere with an background. Diversity is deodorant for the brain.
Emily Oakden
Nottingham gal born and bred, I am currently studying Print Journalism at Nottingham Trent University and have big dreams to become the next Mary Berry ( watch this space!). I love baking and writing and can often be found sipping a cosmopolitan (or two). Read my blog : and follow me on twitter @efoakden to find out more about me.
Sam Bevan


I’m 19 living in Swansea and am currently studying for a business and accounting degree with the Open University. I love watching and playing any kind of sport including football, cricket, darts, snooker, F1 and boxing. I also have a great interest in discovering new music and watching stand-up comedy.

Vicky Muxlow

photoOriginally from Hertfordshire but currently living in Nottingham. I’m 19 years old (soon to be 20 – yay!) and studying Print

Journalism at god old Nottingham Trent. Let’s put it this way, I’m obsessed with reality TV and find myself getting way too involved in the episodes and annoying my housemates by yelling at the TV. I’m also quite oppinionated about things and often rant about them on my blog ( You can find me on twitter  @vickymuxloww to get to know me a little better 🙂

Tom Elliott

GetAttachment (1)

I am a sports addict who grew up watching late 90’s NBA basketball, Attitude Era WWF and playing Madden and NHL video games. I have been writing my own blogs for the past two years which focus largely on statistical analysis in baseball, basketball and the NFL, whilst also reviewing game tapes to study tendencies shown by particular teams and how that has made them successful or otherwise.  My sporting heroes are Trevor Brooking, Ken Griffey Jr. and LaDainian Tomlinson.
Kelsey Purnell
I am a Multimedia Broadcast Journalist who is about to embark on a journey of a lifetime around South East Asia. Join me as I indulge in unique foods, strut my stuff at crazy parties and explore some breathtaking sceneries – rated and slated just for you.  I have worked with international music artists such as JLS on their radio tour and sports stars at ATG’s ‘Big Match’ at the Britannia Stadium, recording and editing footage for PR purposes. Check out the entertainment page for my articles on the latest celeb gossip. Guilty pleasures include; filling up on pizza and chocolate (sometimes together), listening to cheesy songs from the 90’s and catching up with the latest scandals on Jeremy Kyle.
Sophie Dawson
A third-year undergraduate student studying English at the University of Southampton. As well as writing in my spare time I am in a dance squad and volunteer as a primary school tutor.
Frances B
My name is Frances and I’m a British blogger with a bad case of wanderlust.  I love travel – planning it, talking about it and most definitely writing about it.  I’ve seen Orangutans in Borneo, climbed over landslides in Laos, survived a car accident in Malaysia and also lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year.  I love sharing my stories and hearing those from fellow travellers.
Alhana Danaher
Hi, I’m Alhana. I’m 18 years old and currently studying at Oxford Brookes. I’d love to have some really interesting hobbies to tell you all about, but in reality my spare time consists of watching TV, listening to music and attempting to move as little as possible. I don’t have any set in stone plans as of yet, but I know I was to travel to as many places as possible. After I graduate I think I’m going to rent a flat in Morocco, preferably in Marrakech – overlooking the wall. I hope you all enjoy my writing.
Zainab Khaliq
Hello my name is Zainab Khaliq. I am originally from Warrington but studying in High Wycombe at the moment. I am 22 years old. I have varied interests and goals. I am always searching for excitement which normally comes in the form of new things. Hence the varied interests. I love fashion I love expressing myself through different looks. I love to write. I have written poetry and I complete writing exercises. I hope to write a book one day. I read self help books as I am always looking to improve my self. Other interests include new food and cultures, languages, travelling, museums, films and performance’s
Emma Hart
Hey everyone! I’m Emma, 25 years old from good ol’ Yorkshire!  I graduated in 2011 with a degree in English and Journalism but didn’t quite fancy settling into the mundane 9-5 routine of everyday life straight away.  So I quit my job, booked a ticket and flew to my dream destination of Australia and I honestly had the time of my life.  I worked as a Milkman (Yep, that’s right! Okay…maybe not in the traditional sense but I have the t-shirt to prove it!), and then I worked at the most beautiful surf camp you could ever wish to stay at.  Along my way there I spent a month in Hong Kong and also visited New Zealand for a pretty amazing South Island road trip.  Now I’m back in grey England dreaming up my next adventure, but whilst I’m waiting for that to happen I’m working in Leeds saving up some dosh!  I enjoy snowboarding in my spare time, going to the cinema and if I’m ever in town shopping, you can find me in the travel section in Waterstones!
Adam Page
Adam page image
An avid sports fan and bookworm I grew up playing football, cricket, rugby and Harry Potter. Lack of talent, enjoyment of food and not being a wizard meant that I was never going to live the dream of winning the World Cup or attending Hogwarts. As such I have turned my attention to firing off
Ollie Collard
Hello my name is Ollie. I am 22, educated in Bristol and now residing in Kent. I enjoy travel and have backpacked around the world. I like drinking whiskey, watching Peep Show and reading old books. I sing and songwrite and can be found shouting at the TV when Arsenal are playing
Jasmine Ripa
Hello! My name is Jasmine and I am a Creative Writing graduate. My dream job is to be a journalist and write about everything from fashion to women’s rights. I want to travel the world, live life to the fullest and explore as I go along. My biggest dreams are to go dirt road driving in Texas and to do a road trip in the U.S Route 66!
Sam Barker
1527132_10152538518522516_448321532_n (1) (1)
‘Originally from Farnborough, I am currently a 19 year old student in my second year of a History degree at the University of Nottingham. However my passion lies in the weird and wonderful world of sport. I’ve written a personal blog for nearly a year now – As well as this I recently started work as a tennis writer for SEaT Capital. Outside of sport I have an extremely eclectic taste in music, with a recent found love for electro-swing. I have been known to dabble in film reviews as well. Finally, I’ve recently started a YouTube channel so here is one final shameless plug –
Alicja Borza
IMG_5243 (2)
A couple of things that I love in life are: travels, music, concerts, painting and drawing. In fact, I love everything that involves creativity. I love meeting new people. I find the world incredibly exciting, I want to see as much as possible of it. I’m a sociology and IT student from Warsaw, Poland
Danyal Rasool
My name is Danyal Rasool. I’m a 21-year old Pakistani, studying Economics, Philosophy and Marketing at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I was born in Lahore and fell in love with cricket at a young age, playing and following the game for as long as I can remember. Later, I started taking a keener interest in football and tennis too. I’ve always believed that if you can find a way to make a living out of your passion, you can consider yourself extremely fortunate. It is a goal I consider well worthy of the blood, sweat and tears that will inevitably be part of the journey. I’m an avid reader, I love writing, and sports are my passion. Hopefully I can be entertaining and informative enough for readers to want to turn the (virtual) page.
Samantha Dorn
My name is Sammy and I am an Aussie expat, living in London. I am an adventure seeker and I love to travel and explore new places. While I am living in London I hope to travel through as much as Europe as possible and I am keeping track on my blog as I go –